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Our Commitment
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From the Chairman:

For Streetworks Development (SWD), environmental, social and governance considerations is in our DNA. For decades, we have been committed to the environmental, social and governance components of our policy, and they are fundamental to our approach to development. We create assets for communities, not just buildings, driven by long term prosperity and sustainability.

SWD remains focused on the public realm, the vocabulary of horizontal elements at grade that stitch the fabric of successful central business districts and mixed-use neighborhoods together. Enduring and authentic development is created from the street up, not the roof down. In fact, this underlying premise was the source of our name. We have made our reputation by partnering with communities to create innovative public places that support the creation of transformative mixed-use environments and build long term economic and social prosperity.

This work would not have been successful without our history and reputation for honesty, respect, and transparency in our dealings with our partners, whether in the communities with whom we work or with our financial partners. We have also demonstrated continued respect for environmental sustainability. As industry practice, materials, and products advance and increase, we are committed to implementing them in our projects in a robust manner.

SWD firmly believes that adherence to ESG policies and practices is good business and creates long term value for all our stakeholders.

Kenneth Narva

Our Commitment

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